We use food to live. We don’t live for food.
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Option 1

Kick Starting your Kilo Nutrition (Requires 12 Week Commitment)
  • Initial consultation
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Body composition tracking every 4 weeks
  • Nutrition plan designed for your needs
  • Access to recipes
  • Facebook support group
  • Weekly meetings or email support
  • Can move on to ongoing coaching upon completion of12 week course, or repeat another 12 week course


Option 2

Ongoing Coaching
  • In order to use this option, you must have completed the 12 week course, or be well-versed in food tracking and measuring
  • Best for those that usually have a handle on food, but might just need some help getting back on track
  • Monthly composition tracking
  • Monthly meeting or email support
  • Nutrition plan designed for your needs


Each person’s nutritional needs are unique. While we strongly encourage a diet rich in vegetables, meat, fruit, nuts and seeds, we are aware that each individual might respond to the same prescription in a different way. Some might find better results when focusing on quality of food rather than quantity, while others might need to weigh and measure every ounce of food they put in their bodies. We believe that personal attention with specific guidelines tailored to individual goals is the best way to help each everyone reach their full physical potential. Whether you are looking to eat for weight loss, gain, performance, or general health, we can help!

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