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CrossFit works for everyone – people who are just starting out and people who have been training for years.The magic is in the movement. CrossFit workouts are different every day and can be modified to help each athlete achieve their goals. Our coaching staff is highly skilled at adapting workouts for people at any age and level of fitness.


Take your fitness to a new level. Our newest class delivers maximum results through a combination of high intensity interval training with full body strength. Each class will target specific muscle groups using bodyweight movements, machines, and free weights to sculpt your body while building lean muscle and burning fat. Increase your cardiovascular endurance and maximize calorie burn with the use of treadmills, rowers, bikes, and ski ergs. FUSION is designed for any level of fitness and is tailored to the individual.

Our Group Training program offers


You will have a network of people to connect with about your progress and goals. Get lifestyle advice from other class members, push each other, or hang out after training.

Certified coaches

Our coaches are trained, educated and certified to lead group classes. They know how to keep you safe while helping you reach your potential.


When you exercise alone, coming to the gym can feel like a chore. Group workouts are lively and exciting. You'll find yourself looking forward to exercising.


You will continuously improve with our varied routines, and everyone around you will notice.

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