• XL Sports Program produces top athletes. Athletic performance is accelerated through the development of strength, explosiveness, speed, agility, and mental toughness
  • XL Sports program builds programming around the athlete’s goals. Sports-specific drills (wrestling, football, volleyball, track—you name it) makes training relevant to the athlete. This, coupled with the high quality of coaching produces well-rounded, elite athletes.
  • We offer multiple membership options for XL athletes. Contact Travis Hansen at [email protected].

Before joining regular classes, new athletes must schedule XL Foundations with a coach to become familiar with the class movements, lifts, and structure.

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  • XL Foundations $150: Required sessions prior to starting a membership
  • XL Monthly $225: Unlimited
  • XL-18 Session Package $429: 18 classes
  • XL-Speed and Agility Only $150: Unlimited
  • XL Klub $275: Unlimited + Nutrition Coaching + 10% Discount on Supplements
  • CrossFit Kids (6+) $75: 10 classes

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