The Real Reason You Can’t Overhead Squat

I get questions and comments about overhead squats 100% of the time when we do that or snatch in class. “I can’t” is the most common comment, and “How do I get all the way down?” is the most common question. The reality is that a high majority of individuals struggle to get into a full range of motion overhead squat efficiently. When I say efficiently I mean bar over the center of the foot, shoulders active, elbow pit to the sky, torso upright, knees tracking toes, and weight in the heels. Then, your hip crease below the quad. The most important is not full depth if you struggle to do all the things prior. You need to have GREAT mechanics and body position prior to depth. Being able to get full depth should be the goal but do NOT push depth if there are deficiencies elsewhere.

How should you work on the OHS? DO IT! Do it light. Do it to a box with a PVC pipe, do it against a wall, just be sure to stay focused on the mechanics of the squat. Lazy people do not get better. Work on the movement with a purpose, build your back and hips by doing things properly. Correct movement will burn and burn and burn. The burning sensation will build the strength and stamina you need for a great OHS.

If you want more guidance on improving your overhead squat, talk to a coach about setting up a 20-minute movement session.

Strong people are harder to kill.