Programming: Why do we do what we do?

Constantly varied functional movement done at high intensity is the key to your absolute best fitness. We want to be well rounded! Not great at one thing, but really damn good at everything. If you have weaknesses you should put in more time on that weakness and NOT shy away! Yes, sometimes we repeat movements in a week. Why? Well because I said. No, really it is for the sole reason of improvement. Sometimes I have a focus on things that need improvement as a gym.

What’s up with the “strength cycle”? I choose a volume-based strength cycle at the end of every year. In the past, we have done Super Squats, Dirty 30, and Pause Squats. This year I wanted to do a pyramid scheme. You should try to get as close to your percentages as you can as this will hopefully lead to heavier weight moved for your 1 Rep Max. Be patient, getting stronger takes time. Especially for the most trained individuals, fighting for a 1 Kg increase is exciting! Head down and grind. Strong people are harder to kill.