Adam Varney | Owner | Surface Solutions

Wholesale Granite/Quartz/Solid Surface

Surface Solutions is a locally owned, wholesale only, fabrication and installation company of granite, quartz, and solid surface countertops, located in Waterloo, Iowa. We offer free quotes, state of the art laser templating, experienced fabricators and installers with the most up-to-date tooling (i.e. CNC’s and pneumatic seaming equipment). Be sure you ask that Surface Solutions is in charge of your next countertop project!
323 LaPorte Rd. Waterloo, IA 50701

O: 319.287.5056

F: 319.287.5058

Matthew B. Monaghan | Financial Advisor | Northwestern Mutual

Whether you are just beginning to plan for the future as a young professional, starting a family, planning your children’s education, approaching retirement, or currently in retirement, Matt Monaghan and his team will help you navigate your financial life. Matt and his team have served the Cedar Valley for over eight years offering comprehensive financial planning.

Areas of Expertise:

·  Financial Planning

·  Retirement Income Planning

·  Education Planning

·  Life Insurance Planning

·  Disability Income Planning

·  Long-Term Care Planning

·  Estate and Business Succession Planning

3839 Ansborough Ave, Waterloo, IA 50701


[email protected]

John Lynch | CEO/President | Woolverton

Relationship. Technology. Production. Logistics. More than just ink on paper.

Working with Woolverton means working together, whether you’re across the street or around the world, we’re here to help. With a committed project management staff, and an industry-seasoned production team, we make it simple to create exactly what you need.

We bring together industry-leading technology, with over 100 years of practical experience, to ensure an effective approach to each project. As craftsmen, we strive to go above and beyond expectations. Utilizing an extensive range of specialized processes, techniques, and tools to produce work perfectly suited for your needs.

We also know in today’s world it’s not enough to just create a strong product. You need that product and its message to reach people, and we’re happy to help facilitate that process. We manage everything from asset preparation and inventory management to fulfillment and distribution — whatever you need, we’re there, making sure everything is orchestrated in a timely, efficient manner.

6714 Chancellor Drive, Cedar Falls, IA 50613

O: 800.670.7713

Your Complete Recycling and Waste Source

Jeff Holmes | Owner |Push Resource Recovery

Our unique and fresh perspective towards recycling and waste streams are what set us apart from the competition. The solutions we bring to the table are specifically designed with you the customer in mind. This allows us to tailor systems that are the perfect fit for your business.

Our team of industry experts has the knowledge and skill to solve all of your recycling and waste needs. We are motivated, energized and ready to partner with you for all of the waste and recycling challenges your organization faces.


Local Leader in Metal, Electronic, & Scrap Recycling!

Julie Stone | President | A-Line Iron & Metals

A-Line in Waterloo, IA is proud to be locally owned and operated. Our facility has been serving customers in the Cedar Valley for over 80 years. With our experience in ferrous and nonferrous metal recycling, our contacts in the industry ensure you the highest returns. A-Line’s goal is to provide your company with the ultimate answer for comprehensive scrap metal recycling and unequaled customer service. Put your confidence in A-Line Iron and Metals, the local leader in metal recycling solutions and customer service.


[email protected]

For us, veterinary medicine is much more than shots and surgery. It’s about the bond we all have with our pets. We see that every day in you. The love you have, the concerns you have. From that new puppy you get for your kids, or those impossible end-of-life decisions, we will walk beside you sharing your laughter and tears every step of the way.

Understanding the power and intensity of that bond we all share—that’s what being a veterinarian means.

Our practice has a strong focus on preventive medicine while still providing the best in sick patient care. Services include boarding, grooming, wellness exams, in house lab testing, vaccination strategies tailored to your pet, ultrasound, digital x-ray, general and orthopedic surgery, exotics pet care, dentistry, and senior care.

To schedule an appointment or connect with the professionals at our hospital, call us at: 319-232-5292 or email: [email protected].

Check out our website: or follow us on Facebook!

Scott & Sarah Gall | Owners | The Runners Flat

The Runner’s Flat is a premier, running specialty retailer in Cedar Falls, IA.  You’ll find that our fitting process, attention to detail, and desire to help each customer achieve their fitness goals will have you ready to go faster and farther than ever before. At The Runner’s Flat, we work hard to offer the most comprehensive gait analysis for each and every person that walks through our doors. It’s always free and there’s no need for an appointment. We love getting to know each person to understand their personal running journey, including any past or present injuries,  shoes that have or haven’t worked, and their short term and long term goals. We’ll have you remove your shoes and roll up your pant legs as we watch you walk with and without shoes, perform basic balance and flexibility movements, and finally, walk or run on the treadmill in a flexible, neutral shoe to record a short video. Our video technology allows us to analyze the way in which your foot strikes while running or walking.  Combining this information, with an understanding of your personal fitness journey allows us to identify shoe options that will work well to help you stay injury free and satisfied with your selection.  We’ll help you work through the options and explain what makes each shoe unique so you are able to pick the one you feel best suits your needs and desires.

For Running, Walking, Fitness & More, The Runner’s Flat is flat out the best place to run into.

The Runner’s Flat
120 Main St.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
(319) 277-1154
Contact Scott: [email protected]
Contact Sarah: [email protected]

Dr. Kyle Troyer, DC | Upper Cervical Health Centers

As experts on the upper cervical spine, our doctors focus on the intimate relationship between the top two bones in the neck, called the upper cervical spine, and, more importantly, a vital portion of the nervous system called the brain stem. This relationship is absolutely essential to the body’s ability to restore and preserve health. In order to grasp the upper cervical concept, you must first understand how the body is created and, more importantly, how it is designed to function normally and remain healthy. Upper cervical care is personalized and tailored specifically to fit your individual needs.

Get Your Life Back

6912 University Ave, Suite 4, Cedar Falls, IA 50613
(319) 266-5934
Nick Dugger, DC | Chiropractic Physician | Cedar Valley Chiropractic Sport & Spine

At Cedar Valley Chiropractic, our motto is “Feel Better, Move Better, Stay Better.” Life is all about movement and our goal is to get you back to doing the movements that give your life meaning! Whether it’s working out at the gym, taking a walk around the neighborhood, or just being able to pick up your children without pain, we have the treatments and solutions for you!

Conditions we commonly treat include:

  • Neck, Low Back and Shoulder Pain

  • Muscle Strains

  • Golf and Tennis Elbow

  • Disc Herniations

  • Tension Headaches and Migraines

  • Sprained Ankles

  • Sciatica

Don’t settle for anything less than the best version of yourself, let us help you get there!

Telephone: (319)268-9009
5529 University Ave, Cedar Falls, IA 50613