October 11, 2017

October Challenge:  Let’s get 50 people to complete for this month’s #kilogivesback

RX 4000 Double Unders
Gold 2000 Double Unders
Silver 300 Double Unders

 We are still looking for judges and volunteers for next weekend!  Every little bit helps 🙂  You can sign up here
Our new Saturday schedule will be as follows beginning Saturday the 7th:  
6 am:  Open Gym led by a coach (please be aware that the coach might be working out with you during this time!)
7:15 am:  regular class
8:30 am:  Family Focused Class and Open Gym.  
Looking to clean up your nutrition or need help meeting some goals?  Schedule an appointment with Sarah:  [email protected]
Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂 

CrossFit Classes: Zenplanner WOD Log