October 10, 2017

October Challenge:  Let’s get 50 people to complete for this month’s #kilogivesback

RX 4000 Double Unders
Gold 2000 Double Unders
Silver 300 Double Unders

 We are still looking for judges and volunteers for next weekend!  Every little bit helps 🙂  You can sign up here
Our new Saturday schedule will be as follows beginning Saturday the 7th:  
6 am:  Open Gym led by a coach (please be aware that the coach might be working out with you during this time!)
7:15 am:  regular class
8:30 am:  Family Focused Class and Open Gym.  Kids and parents are encouraged to take this class together!  If you don’t have kids, you are welcome to join also, just know that it will be a kid-friendly atmosphere!  You can also use this time to work out on your own.  The Gym will close at 10 on Saturdays.  Kids will work out for free with a parent through the end of the year.  Starting in January they will need a CrossFit Kids Punch Card to continue.
Congratulations to Ian for being named Waterloo Fire’s Paramedic of the Year! 

CrossFit Classes: Zenplanner WOD Log