November 7, 2017

November Challenge:  Cindy (5 pull ups/10 push ups/15 air squats)

RX 100 rounds
Gold 75 rounds
Silver 50 rounds

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Don’t forget our Saturday classes are now:  6:00 am, 7:15 am, and 8:30 family class!
We will now be holding open gym on Sundays from 11-1!  Stop in for a quick sweat or some active recovery!
 November 11th-Powerlifting Seminar | $20/person
Passion. Is. Everything.

CrossFit Classes: 

Rx: 7 RFT: 3 Deadlifts (125/185 kg), 12 pistols, and 21 Toes to Bar.  Time Cap 22min

Gold: 7RFT: 3 Deadlifts (85/125), 12 Box pistols(assisted), and 21 Toes Above Hips

Silver: 7 RFT: 3 Deadlifts (30/40), 12 Air Squats, and 21 V-Ups

No Bar: 7RFT: 3 KB Deadlifts, 12 Air Squats, and 21 V-ups

Post WOD: GHD Sit Ups x 50

Zenplanner WOD Log