March 21, 2014

6a00e54ecbd5b18833017c3564be39970b-500wi“Don’t wait for the moment when you are forced to make a change. 

Make that change out of your own free will. 

Upgrade yourself on your own terms.

Do Better.  Be Better.” ~Jamie Smith. 

Find out what an amazing person she is…Read her blog.

 The CrossFit Games Wod 14.4 has been announced!!  Watch the archived announcement here! Keep tabs on how well our competitors and our teams are doing here!

May 9-11 North Central Regional  Navy Pier 600 E Grand Ave. Chicago, Ill. 60611. Tickets will go on sale in April.  Find a  Hotel!

Our All Access Pass saves you money if you went to enough classes in the Hot Box?
For example, you would break even if you attended:
6 classes of yoga or barre
13 classes of Mobility & Elements
3 classes of yoga or barre along with 6 classes of ME!
Attend more classes and you save! The All Access pass is $150+tax!

SAVE YOUR JOINTS!!  We are now offering a Mobility and Elements Class!  If you have an all inclusive membership, you’re already covered!  Otherwise, purchase a ME punch card!  15 punches for $50!  The small fee is totally worth the class!   Experience less overall pain and better joint positioning!

Please REMEMBER to SIGN UP FOR CLASSES!!!!  Click here to register.

 SIGN UP for Kilo’s Olympic Lifting Seminar with Armand McCormick April 13th 1pm-5pm!  Beginners to Advanced lifters. For more information click here!

Barbells for Boobs   Every dollar or bit of change helps towards a free mammogram for someone who can’t afford it. For more information, please click on the previous link.

RX:  10min to find Max Overhead Press and Max Push Press. Then, 100-50-25 Walking Lunges and  Butterfly Situps for time.

Gold:  10min to find 3 rep Max Overhead Press and Max Push Press. Then, 100-50-25 Walking Lunges and Butterfly Situps for time.

Silver:  3×10 Overhead Press and Push Press. Then, 100-50-25 Walking Lunges and Butterfly Situps for time.

Endurance: Open Gym/Skills

Mobility & Elements (ME):  No Class Today.!!  Sign up Next M and W and help yourself reach your genetic potential.

Hot Yoga:  No Class.  Class on Saturday!

Men’s S&C: CrossFit Games Open Wod 14.4

Women’s S&C: CrossFit Games Open Wod 14.4

Competitor:  Google doc.

16 thoughts on “March 21, 2014

  1. Ohp- 36 (3k pr)
    Pp- 50 (7k pr)
    Wod- 9:32
    After I did power cleans. Hit 53 today. I think its a 3k pr

  2. Did today’s work out yesterday.
    Today I did 14.4: 117 Reps. Thanks to Em and Megan for helping before the workout and to 8:30 class for their support during the workout!

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