I hope everyone is having a great New Year. We have a lot of things coming up at The Gym so be sure to get involved! That includes The CrossFit Games Open from February through March. We will be attempting to field a team and some individuals at the Central Regional in May.

If you are one of those people doing this challenge or are involved in another nutrition program at this time I wish you well! Keep going and do your best not to slip. If you slip then get back up and start again. ¬†Having no sugar is difficult and anyone that has never done it and pretends other “addictions” are so much worse are wrong. I applaud you if you are sticking to it. Especially of you are one that really struggles with sugar. I can be honest when I say that there are at least two times in a day where I truly feel like this shit is miserable.

I want to take some time to explain the Valsalva Maneuver. I have discussed with many of you lately about the importance of being tight and producing some pressure down into your abdomen. You need to do this EVERY time you move weight. This is what helps to protect your spine while moving an external load. Essentially you will bare down. If you have questions about exactly what it is, click the link in the name.

Remember that our annul mental toughness camp is rapidly approaching! I’m pretty excited to see the turnout. It is always fun to watch so many succeed and so many bail. This is merely a test of your ability to withstand bullshit. A little pain, some endurance, extreme fatigue, and the ability to function while in some shitty weather conditions. Figure out who you are. Are you a quitter when shit gets difficult? Do you fight or flight? Do you battle until the end? I can’t wait to see.