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Un Fuck Yourself. 

What a great book! I suggest you read this book. Sometimes you just need to look in the mirror and make the obvious changes. Your answers to your problems are usually not complicated nor do they take a tremendous amount of thought, usually just the act of coming to fucking reality helps. 

I was asked by a guy after my last Mac Talk how I can get people on the same page and how to build someone’s discipline and motivation. He stated that the ones that believe in my Mac Talks already think in the same fashion, but those that don’t have the same mind set might read it and think “great idea, I will try that”, yet never take the steps to change themselves.  I replied, “you are right”. Not sure if that was the answer he was looking for but it is the only answer I believe in. If you want to be a fucking baby by complaining, making excuses, and being lazy then that is your future. Good luck to you. In my world I will continue to move forward and fight for success and excellence. I would love for everyone to do the same exact thing. But, in most worlds, pursuit of excellence is only a dream, and at that, only a dream that is not worth working for. If being lazy, doubtful, and scared is your will, high five yo, I am out.  Love ya, but I have shit to accomplish. Let those that are trying to hold you back know your path and you are not about to allow some bullshit excuse to detour your route. 

Create better youth. Help me, you, and our future by creating young people that will succeed. Not only in academics, but life. Kids need skills that will allow them to walk where you are walking right now. Think about that. They don’t get to hold your hand forever.  Someone said to me the other day, “We are teaching our children the importance of expressing feelings and emotion, ISIS is teaching their children how to cut our heads off.” Holy shit, how true is that? Keep worrying about politics, news, and sentimental bullshit, and we will lose everything. Are you prepared to lose everything? Could you live without? Think about it, could you? I bet most of us would cry for protection? One more question…Are you raising someone that could help protect us? 



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  1. Another Pearl Harbor awaits those who don’t learn from history. Dec 7 1941. We need to Un Fuck Our World.

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