Mac Talk

This is not my “Mac Talk” today. The words come from a guy that I respect and someone that is very close to my heart. He and I have a very old and strong relationship that is rarely matched. Tosh and I served together and fought together. He is a highly respected Retired Marine Corps Officer. Tosh leads from the front and encourages in many of the same ways as I do. I can attribute a lot of my success and leadership abilities to this man.

I often express the problem with entitlement and how society expects versus gives and feels gifted. See, often we think that $$ is THE way to give, favors need repaid, employers “owe” you more, friends owe you time, material goods are not good enough, etc… You understand my point. In reality, breathing and living is a gift. Tosh put the following into a very honest perspective. He has a very poetic way of writing and his verbiage consumes the reader. It is nice, kind of soft, but trust that he is cut from the same cloth as I. Google him, you will see.

Freedom from Entitlement

Somewhere along the way I made a decision to release myself from expectations of entitlement. Maybe it’s hard to fully articulate through a social media post, so I will simply pitch fragments for synthesis.

The World owes me nothing; not even as a result of anything I’ve experienced.

Entering into the World was a miraculous gift and one that leaves me with an awesome responsibility to accrue a personal value, at minimum, to break even when I exit. Once I reconciled with this construct I became free. Free to focus on investing in opportunity, fortune, favor, goodness. And even then, knowing that whatever I invest, I am owed nothing.

My eyes are tuned to observing where I want to be, not where I do not. Once I started seeking goodness, I became near blinded by happiness.

Q: What does happiness look like?
A: It looks like whatever puts a smile on your soul along with another’s.

I am free today. Free to not only break even, but to bring positive net worth for all the resources I’ve drained. Resources both; tangible and intangible. Both; material and emotional at the expense of others.

I’m not always on the right side of the horizon, but I spend inordinately minimal time on the left. And that is OK.

Whatever you are striving to earn, you will find; eventually. I choose to look for opportunities to create value. Happiness. And, I surround myself with others that share the same.

I dare you to smile.

Photo Credit: @dtcflo2

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