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We’ve created Kilo Kwikies as an effective and efficient at-home training program designed for individuals with minimal equipment and a desire to improve physical fitness. Our daily programming uses dumbbells or household objects and body weight exercises to get you a great workout that even the busiest people can complete from the comfort of their own home.


Kilo Kwikies

Membership includes access to the Member App, private Facebook group, and support from Kilo Coaches.
• Monthly $19.99/mo *autopay
6-Month $105 + FREE T-Shirt *upfront
1-Year $180 + FREE T-Shirt + Jump Rope *upfront


• Nutrition $15/mo
Nutrition add-on includes an initial virtual or in-person consult to discuss individual goals and basics of proper nutrition. Macro (carbohydrate, protein, fat) numbers will be assigned based off of goals, activity level, body type, and lifestyle. Members also have accountability support from coaches, weekly goals and check-ins, and weekly meal and snack ideas. Learn how to grocery shop and read food labels, healthy substitutes for cooking, the purpose of each macronutrient and how it affects your body, and timing of eating and how it can affect metabolism and blood sugar.
• Strength $15/mo
Strenth add-on includes upper and lower body work to enhance muscle mass using a wide variety of bodyweight and kettlebell or dumbbell movements. Rep schemes range anywhere from 5-20 reps with the focus on performance and strength, not time.
• Core $15/mo
Core add-on includes exercises 3x/week to help you gain strength and stamina specifically in the muscle groups that make up your core. Strong core muscles are linked to preventing injuries and lessening pain in the back, hips, and knees.

“I wanted what I had at The Gym but in my own home.”

I was an avid gym goer...had kids, moved. Life changed. This past year, we had our 3rd child with a toddler and school-aged kid. How was I ever going to get back on track? I didn't want to push play for a workout. I didn't want to come up with something myself. I wanted what I had at The Gym but in my own home. I finally reached the day where I had enough. I found myself excitedly looking at the next workout and planning my equipment in my head. Some days are better than others. But what's important, is I'm doing the workouts and I regret nothing. There are no excuses. I am now in my 3rd month with access to the app with the workouts, thorough videos of the movements, and support from The Gym and my family.

new daily workouts

Your workout of the day is right at your fingertips with our convenient app on your phone. 

video demos

Select ‘Workout prep notes available’ to see one of our coaches talk you through the movements and explain the workout in further detail.

“I needed a plan to keep working out, but was not very good at doing it on my own.”

I started the Kwikies program when COVID stopped me from going to The Gym. I needed a plan to keep working out, but was not very good at doing it on my own. I'm almost 70 so I feel more comfortable not being in a gym setting for now. I can fit the workouts into my schedule, I can tailor them to my fitness level, and I don't have to drive to The Gym.

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