During our 60-minute Kardio class, participants train in specific target heart rate zones that are displayed on a large screen above. Your personal heart rate display changes color based on what percentage of your Max Heart Rate you are working at. Participants have immediate feedback on their effort level throughout the class, offering a unique tool to motivate and guide you through your workout.

Before joining regular classes, new members must schedule an Intro class with a coach to set up their HR monitor and become familiar with the class movements and structure.

Hit the Sign Up button below, fill out your contact information, and a staff member will contact you to schedule your Intro!


  • Unlimited Kardio Classes $80/mo: Members may attend as many Kardio classes as they like each week.
  • 3 Class Pass + Kwikies $115/mo: Members may attend any 3 classes each week (CrossFit or Kardio) and add Kilo Kwikies for $15
  • 10-Session Kardio Punchcard $100: Members are limited to attending 10 Kardio classes. Expires in 3 months.

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