June 15, 2017

June Challenge:  SOTS Press

June #kilogivesback

Show us 100 photos with T or with your exercise companion! Include #kilogivesback and check-in to The Gym when you post to Facebook or Instagram! Once the goal is met, we’ll donate $250 to Cedar Bend Humane Society!

Mark your calendars for the following dates (you won’t want to miss these!!!)

June 23rd | 6 PM |  Family Fun night at The Gym!  Grill out, sand volleyball, bags, etc. |  BYOB, meat, and side to share

August 19th | FondoFest Competition |  Teams of 4 (MMMM or FFFF) |  Register in Zenplanner

Mac Talk

Food:  we eat this to survive, not for comfort. Well, that’s the intention at least. Come to peace with how much you need to eat, not how much you want to eat. I have chatted with many people about weight and controlling their food intake throughout my career and the ONE common statement is, “I just like food”. Guess what?! Everyone loves food, we love sugar, we love fat, we love alcohol, we love to fucking eat food and a lot of it. We eat and drink at every event we attend even if it is for health and fitness. We live to consume. The one thing we forget is that we have a choice in how much we consume. This is a very simple concept, consume less and you will lose excess weight. Sure there is science behind many diets and “ways of eating”. Start with the simple changes first, and put a stop to over indulging.

One last thing, if you find yourself gaining 5 pounds, do yourself a favor and lose it before it gets out of control. When it gets out of control you will be in a world of misery. Ask those people who struggle with losing weight! It is so fucking hard to lose 20,30,50 + pounds. That takes an incredible amount of discipline with next to zero error. It is a battle and one that more than often fails. I’ve seen it, and it is depressing to those trying to find success.

Eat and drink to live, if you consume too much work it off.


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