July 1, 2014

10440650_681111628628694_2223814678999111327_nFall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Giving Up Is Never An Option

Kilo Trained Gyms are opening in Waterloo and Waverly beginning July!!  For more information click here!

Individual Nutritional Assessments are being offered at The Gym by registered dietician Laurie Busching!  More information click here!

Many people are finding relief of those nagging areas.  Do you have a “tweak” or an injury (old or new) holding you back from your athletic potential?  Individual Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation now being offered at The Gym!  Talk to Shantelle for more information and set up an appointment!

Check out all of our upcoming events on our Events page!!

Click here to register for classes.


Mobility & Elements (ME): 9am Class Today!  Sign up!  Save your joints and reach your genetic potential!

Hot Yoga: No Class today!  Sign up and sweat it out in the Hot Box!


RX:   Overhead Press 5×2 @90% Superset with 3 max effort broad jumps. Then, for time run 800m, 20 Chest To Bar Pull Ups , 20 Strict Handstand Push Ups, run 800m, 10 Chest To Bar Pull Ups, 10 Handstand Push Ups

Gold: Overhead Press 5×5 @90% 3rm Superset with 3 max effort broad jumps. Then, for time run 800m, 20 Pull Ups, 10 Strict Handstand Push Ups, run 800m, 10 Pull ups, 10 Handstand Push Ups

Silver: Overhead Press 5×5 Superset with 3 max effort broad jumps. Then, for time run 400m, 20 Jumping Pull Ups, 20 Push Ups, run 400m, 10 Jumping Pull ups, 10 Push ups.

Endurance: 50 Burpees For time.

Men’s S&C: Gold

Women’s S&C:  Gold

Competitor:  Google Doc

38 thoughts on “July 1, 2014

  1. Lift 45,50,55X3
    WOD 14:30 20 pull-up 20 HSPU 10 PU 10 HSPU. Chest to bars weren’t cutting it today

  2. OHP 45K
    WOD 18:40, Gold jumping pull ups, used abmat + 2 25K + 1 15K plates for strict push ups-tried to take a plate away but didn’t work!

  3. OHP: 5×3 25k
    WOD: 15:40 Rx/Gold/Modified 10 ctb (not consecutive), 10 box hspu followed by 10 regular push-ups

  4. Ohp 15K
    Word 14:13 silver push ups on knees, 1 ab mat butterfly sit ups
    Waterloo kilo trained Thanks Sonia

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