January 3, 2018

January Challenge:  
Rx:  60 Legless Rope Climbs (15′)
Gold:  60 Rope Climbs (19′)
Silver:  60 Rope Climbs (10′) or Attempts
Looking for some direction with your current nutrition habits?  Set up a meeting with Sarah…she can help you reach your specific weight goals!
Don’t forget our Saturday classes are now:  6:00 am, 7:15 am, and 8:30 family class!
We will now be holding open gym on Sundays from 11-1!  Stop in for a quick sweat or some active recovery!  

 New Year, New You??  Naw..we don’t think you need a new you, we just want you to find the best version of you yet!  Remember how good it feels when you have your shit together and you feel like you’re doing everything right?!  Well let’s start off 2018 in that very place…Get signed up for our Nutrition Challenge starting January 5th!  Get rid of that post-holiday crappy feeling and start your 2018 off right!  Please sign  up by Thursday at noon so we can get teams made and all info emailed out!  

Sign up in Zenplanner. 

CrossFit Classes: 

RX: 5×1 P.S.+ Snatch @ ME. Then, “Open WOD 15.1”. 9min AMRAP of 15 TTB, 10 DL, and 5 PS (35/52).

Gold: 5×1 P.S.+ Snatch @ ME. Then, “Open WOD 15.1”. 9min AMRAP of 5 TTB, 10 DL, and 5 PS (30/40).

Silver: 5×1 P.S.+ Snatch. Then, “Open WOD 15.1”. 9min AMRAP of 5 TAH, 10 DL, and 5 PS (BAR).

No Bar: 10 KB Swings EMOM for 10min. Then, 9min AMRAP of 15 V-Ups, 10 DBDL, and 5 DBPS.


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