January 16, 2013

202Meet Our Athlete of The Month Amanda Moore!

She was nominated for her overall improvement over the last few months

and recently achieving her goal of ring muscle ups!

  Congrats Amanda!

To Learn More About Amanda Click Here

Your Chance, Your Choice, Your Open Open Registration has begun for the Games, However, DO NOT sign up until Armand has teams put together!  He will let everyone know when to sign up and for which Kilo team he wants you to compete on!  He will be making the best decisions to place competitors on teams so we can try and qualify 2 KILO teams for Regionals this year!  Stand by for more information!


Don’t Forget…This Saturday at 6pm, Silo Ice Climbing!  Meet up at the Wild Hare after!  Here are some links below you will need to participate!

Silo Ice Climbing Video,  

Silo Ice Climbing Waiver

Silo Ice Climbing Location

SIGN UP FOR CLASSES!!!!  Click Here to register.

We have combined the 3 and 3:30 class.  We will have a 3:30pm.  No 3pm class.

Master’s Athletes 35 and older, sign up for our competition Master’s Saturday Night Live!  Saturday January 25th.  Scaled and RX divisions.  Partner WODs.  Register and have a great time!!  Click here for more information.

Bring A Friend Days are coming in February!  February 6, 7, 8!  Line up your friends and have them purchase a Free Guest Pass to register for class!

RX:  Skills/Open Gym

Gold:  Skills/Open Gym

Silver: Beginner’s Class 5am and 5:30pm!  Kipping and Muscle up progressions.

Endurance: none

Men’s S&C:  2 Snatch + Snatch Balance 4×2 @ 9 RPE. Super Set 5 Plyo Push Ups (to 20″ Box). The, run 1 mile, 30 Box Jumps (20/24″), 40 Kettlebell Swings (55/70), 50 Chest To Bar Pull Ups. 17min cap.

Women’s S&C:  2 Snatch + Snatch balance 4×2 @ 9 RPE. Super Set 5 Plyo Push Ups. The, run 1 mile, 30 box jumps (20/24″), 40 Kettlebell Swings (35/55), 50 Pull Ups. 17min cap.

Barre:  9:15am!  Sign up and Lengthen your Legs with this hot new workout style!

Hot Yoga:  4:15pm class!  Sign up and join us in the Hot Box!

Competitor:  Google Spreadsheet

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