January 13, 2013

 fitness-wallpapersREST DAY

Great work this week!  It was great to see so any Gym members working their asses off! 

BWC:  16 Handstand Push Ups, 16 Burpees

Soreness is part of recovery.  Remember nutrition is a very important part of that recovery process.  Consuming enough protein ensures that those amino acids, our the building blocks, are abundant enough for our muscles and aid in recovery. Ask a Kilo coach about our Recovery Shakes!

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Get rid of the holiday aftermath!  Ask any Kilo Coach about our 24 day Challenge and join us in kick starting your body back into beast mode!

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One thought on “January 13, 2013

  1. The post work out recovery drink works and if you need a pick up drink filled with vitamins and energy try out the Spark.
    4 mile run-5K row and BWC done

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