January 10, 2019

January Challenge:  Kilo Open Continues!

Upcoming events:  

Kids and Masters Competition | January 19th

Vertical Treadmill Challenge | February 7th

Back on Track Nutrition Challenge | 1/18-3/1 | Sign up in Zenplanner


CrossFit Classes 

5 am SKILLS: 20min clock 15 Inverted Burpees, 15 Ring Kips 15 Hip Ext. 10min RMU WORK, 10min OHS work

6 am stretching/mobility class

5 pm Kilo Trained:  KILO TRAINED: team of 4 10 Rope Climbs, 20 Sand Bag Cleans(20m and 20F), 100yd HSW. 400yd Walk(1m bag 1 F bag).