January 10, 2013

tumblr_mb85uzEL3t1re6jqdo1_500Turn Intentions Into Actions


Show a friend, relative, co-worker, or neighbor how CrossFit can change their lives!  Bring them to class today!  Class times:  5 am, Noon, 5:30 pm!  Click HERE to register them for the free class!

Free Yoga at 6:15!  Try it and bring a friend!  Please bring your own yoga mat or towel to class.

Stay tuned for our 24 day challenge! We will list details soon!

RX, Gold:  Due to Bring a Friend Day class times, Open Gym Times are 7am-1130, and 1-4:30.

Silver:  No Beginners class today…Join the 5:30 class for Bring a Friend Day (even if you don’t have a friend to bring)

Endurance:  Rest

Men’s S&C:  Overhead Press and Deadlift 5×8 @ 70%. Then, 15min As Many Rounds As Possible of 200M Row, 5 Turkish Get Ups (55/70), 10 GHD Situps.

Competitor:  Class at 4:30. Hand Stand Walks for 30min, Handstand push ups, Body Carries.

Bring A Friend Day WOD:

6 rounds: Alternating between partners 30 sec. at each station per partner (Each Partner will do each round at each station.)
Stations are Push Press (bar), Deadlift 55/75#KB, Push Ups.  Score is total number of reps.

Modify movements as needed.

BWC:  16 Handstand Push Ups, 16 Burpees

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