5 Simple Nutrition Goals to Implement

Taking control of your health doesn’t have to be difficult. Making simple changes to your nutrition is a good place to start! Here are 5 Nutrition Goals to Implement including ways to change up your nutrition habits for a healthier you!

5 Servings of Veggies/Eat the rainbow

Getting in your veggies is super important to get in the micronutrients your body needs! Different kinds of fruits and veggies are filled with vitamins and minerals, and are low in macros so they’re great to fill up your plate with!

Eat protein every 3 hours

Almost every nutrition client we’ve worked with has had a hard time eating enough protein. Eating some kind of protein source every 3 hours is a great goal to make sure you’re keeping your hormones balanced throughout the day and to help you get in enough protein. To be more specific, trying to eat 1g protein per lb of your “goal” body weight is a great tool to finding out how much you may need.

Log Everything!

Use MyFitnessPal to log everything you eat. If you’ve tracked before, this could be great to go back and see if you’re still hitting your nutrition goals. If you haven’t tracked, this is a good idea to see how much or how little you’re actually eating day to day.

Eat without distractions

Eat without watching tv or being on your phone. This will help you be mindful of how much you’re eating. Focus on eating slow and enjoying your food!

Make a new recipe

Find healthy Pinterest recipes or create your own! Choose something simple with little ingredients and try to make one new recipe per week. Maybe it will become a staple at your home! Make it a nutrition goal to try one new recipe each week.

I don’t recommend taking on too many goals at once because it will make it tough to stick with them. But, if you already do some of these things, combine some goals! Our challenge for you is to pick at least one of these goals and try to stick with it the next month. Good luck!