February 10, 2014

il_570xN.387375837_q2kcAction Speaks Truth

Not In Word, But In Action, We See Our True Self

Live Like You Have Nothing To Lose

You’re Awake, You’re Awesome, Live Like It.


Competitors:  Stop Procrastinating and Sign Up for the Open Here!  Then, after you register, Armand will place you on teams.

SIGN UP FOR CLASSES!!!!  Click Here to register.

February 13, Valentines Day Special Wod.  Sign up on the board by the drinking fountain!  Those who sweat together, stay together!  Click here for more information!

Kilo Solo:  Men/Women Rx Individual Competition. 1 Day. Sunday February 23. Lay it on the line. For more information and to register go to

RX:  Snatch 2×1 @ 10 RPE and 3×1 @ 9 RPE. Superset with 1 Max Effort Weighted Strict Pull ups. Then, 3 Rounds for time of 100 Double Unders and 20 Pull Ups

Gold:  Snatch 5×3 9 RPE. Superset with 3 Strict Pull Ups. Then, 3 Rounds for time of 80 Double Unders and 20 Pull Ups

Silver:  5×5 Overhead Squat. Superset with 5 Pull ups. Then, 3 Rounds for time of 100 Single Unders and 10 Pull Ups

Endurance:  Lines 25yds. Down and Back. 100 Double Unders.

Barre:  No Class

Hot Yoga:  No Class

Men’s S&C:  RX

Women’s S&C:  Gold

Competitor:  Google Doc

32 thoughts on “February 10, 2014

  1. Snatch- 25, 25, 25, 27, 29 gold weighted strict pu’s 15, 20, 25 (f) 22.2
    Wod- 19:10 rx. Du’s killed me at the end. Thanks Emily for filming it so I can try to fix my issues 🙂

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