2019 Masters + Kids Competition

When: Saturday, January 19th

Join us on January 19th, 2019 for our CrossFit Masters & Kids Competition! Masters athletes will compete first, with the Kids to follow.

WODs will be released soon!
*All events are subject to slight changes

Masters Divisions:
Male Doubles
Female Doubles
Male/Female Pair
*Both Masters athletes must be 35+

Masters Registration:

Kids Age Divisions:

Kids Registration:

Facebook Event Page

Back on Track Nutrition Challenge

When: January 18th – March 1st

🥦🥕Back on Track Nutrition Challenge🍎💦
– – –
SUGAR FREE is the name of the game. If you want to get on the FAST TRACK, you will get macros specifically for you (still complying with the rules of sugar-free).
– – –
Cost is $60 | $80 to upgrade to the FAST TRACK
– – –
Pre- and Post Testing utilizing our body composition analyzer. Mid-way testing available upon request
– – –
Email and Facebook support
– – –
Bi-weekly meeting available upon request

More information regarding the specific guidelines will be sent out soon!


Vertical Treadmill Challenge

When: Thursday, February 7th

That’s right, we’re at it again!!! And this year, we’ve upped our game and joined forces with The Gym, CrossFit Kilo to offer you a challenge like no other! You can climb or you can sprint. Heck, if you want, you can do both!!! New this year will be the Trueform Running One Mile Challenge!!! One Mile as fast as you can finish it. Easy as that;) For the Vertical Treadmill Challenge Individuals and Co-Ed teams will compete to see how far they can go uphill. Each competitor will receive 5 minutes to run on the treadmill at a 15% incline as fast and far as they can. All distances and feet climbed will be recorded throughout the event to determine the final winners!


HOKA ONE ONE has joined the party and will be offering Prizes including Shoes and Gear as well as raffles and more!
Food by Urban Pie Urban Pie and Beer by SingleSpeed Brewing Co. because we know how to party!
More info. to follow…

Mental Toughness Camp

When: Friday, February 15th – Saturday, February 16th

A multi-day camp for athletes looking to build confidence, physical toughness, and mental strength.

Workouts will be held indoors and outdoors.
Expect a lack of sleep and food.
A sleeping bag is encouraged, as athletes will have the option to sleep in the gym.

$30 for CrossFit Kilo Members / $50 for non-members

Register HERE: