Latest Past Events

The Kilo Open

Cedar Falls CrossFit Kilo 3109 Venture Way, Cedar Falls

This is a NON SANCTIONED event open to Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting athletes. Eligible: All Categories of Weightlifters and CrossFitters. All athletes must give proof of age and written consent to participate. Minors under the age of 18 need a signature from a parent/guardian. Oly: Snatch and Clean & Jerk, USAW Rules. Powerlifting: Squat, Bench, […]


Festivus Games

Cedar Falls CrossFit Kilo 3109 Venture Way, Cedar Falls

We’re hosting the October 23rd Festivus Games Pairs event so grab a partner and jump in! The first five teams to register save $10 – no coupon code needed. WHAT: Pairs are either same-sex or mixed-sex (Co-ed)! WHEN: October 23rd, 2021 DIVISIONS: Novice, Intermediate & Masters 45+. No pure Rx and no fire-breathers allowed. For […]

200 KILOmeters

Date: Training has already started! Final 200 completed October 1st - 2nd. You can register any time between now and October 1st! Swim Location: YMCA or other Provided: 2 workouts per week and 1 challenge each month leading to the final 200. Awards: Patches for start, each challenge, and finish. T-shirts and hats for the finishers. Rules: Swim can […]