5 Steps to Establish a New Habit


Everyone has habits. Good, bad, healthy, unhealthy. These habits create routines and routines are what many of us thrive off of. No matter who you are you can think of a huge list of things that get done every day and decide whether they are “healthy” for you or not. Brushing your teeth, going through Starbucks on the way to work, telling your kids you love them, watching TV at night before bed, etc. Instead of allowing those easier and “bad habits” to have too much space in your life, here are 5 steps to establish a new habit!

Replace Unhealthy Habits with Better Ones by Creating Awareness 

Take a deep look into your daily routine. How many things can you list that are “unhealthy” that could be replaced with better ones? Instead of scrolling through Instagram during a 10 min break at work, try walking around the building. Instead of watching TV on a Sunday evening try meal prepping some food for the week. Instead of hitting your snooze button for 20 mins, get up right away, and stretch.

Meal prep sets your week up for success.

Follow a consistent daily schedule

Keep your days as routine as possible. No, this isn’t always realistic to our lives but keeping days as similar as possible will allow for better success. Even when it’s not possible, create a NO EXCUSES attitude and find a way to get it done.

Set reminders

The technology we have nowadays is an amazing thing! Set phone reminders to pick up your greens on the way home from work. Set your watch to tell you to get up and move during the workday. Set an alarm for the same time to wake up each day for exercise.

Find support

Hang out with others with like-minded goals. Go out to eat with friends who you know will support you with slightly better food choices. Head to the gym with a buddy who you know will push you in a workout. Or, have a texting buddy to send a pic to after your at-home workouts.

Change surroundings to accommodate new habits 

If you want to stop eating sugar, stop having it in the house! If you don’t want to eat out, don’t go through a fast-food drive-thru. If you want to workout at home, create a workout space for yourself.
Pull your car out of the garage and get moving!


Every single person has habits they can improve upon. However, it does take that uncomfortable reflection time to figure out what those are for you. Then, time to buck up and change! Are you ready to establish a new habit?