The Real Reason You Can’t Overhead Squat

I get questions and comments about overhead squats 100% of the time when we do that or snatch in class. “I can’t” is the most common comment, and “How do I get all the way down?” is the most common question. The reality is that a high majority of individuals struggle to get into a […]

How to Bench Press Without Pain

When it comes to the shoulder joint & girdle, there are few movements that spark more anxiety, pain, and frustration than the barbell bench press. The good news is that there is low-hanging fruit that can result in immediate decrements in pain experienced during the bench press. In addition, the changes can result in increased […]

5 Simple Nutrition Goals to Implement

Taking control of your health doesn’t have to be difficult. Making simple changes to your nutrition is a good place to start! Here are 5 Nutrition Goals to Implement including ways to change up your nutrition habits for a healthier you! 5 Servings of Veggies/Eat the rainbow Getting in your veggies is super important to […]

5 Steps to Establish a New Habit

  Everyone has habits. Good, bad, healthy, unhealthy. These habits create routines and routines are what many of us thrive off of. No matter who you are you can think of a huge list of things that get done every day and decide whether they are “healthy” for you or not. Brushing your teeth, going […]

The Deadly Sugar Response

We all know about the negatives of consuming too much sugar:  weight gain, behavior and attention issues, decreased immunity, the list goes on and on.  Why is it that something that we know is so bad for us in so many ways is so hard to say no to?! The truth is that sugar has […]

Programming: Why do we do what we do?

Constantly varied functional movement done at high intensity is the key to your absolute best fitness. We want to be well rounded! Not great at one thing, but really damn good at everything. If you have weaknesses you should put in more time on that weakness and NOT shy away! Yes, sometimes we repeat movements […]