April 5, 2014

IMG_7209-L Field Of Teams Wod!!  Sled Push-Pulls!

SIGN UP FOR CLASSES!!!!  Click here to register.

Take advantage of the 2 classes we are offering on Thursdays!!  A Basic Skills Class at 5am and 5:30 pm and an Advanced Skills Class at 5am and 5pm.  Basic Skills Class improves your basic Crossfit techniques for beginner and intermediate level CrossFitters.  Advanced Skills Class builds from the foundations of basic skills into advanced level skills!  You can’t build advanced skills if you don’t have SOLID basic skills.  If you aren’t sure which class is right for you, ask a coach!

Hurry and switch your monthly membership payment to ACH (automatic debit) instead of a credit/debit card and you will earn a free Kilo T-shirt!  This helps keep the Gym’s cost down so we can continue to offer our services to you at low prices!  ACH forms are at the front desk!

SIGN UP for Kilo’s Olympic Lifting Seminar with Armand McCormick April 13th 1pm-5pm!  Beginners to Advanced lifters. For more information click here!

May 9-11 North Central Regional  Navy Pier 600 E Grand Ave. Chicago, Ill. 60611. Tickets will go on sale in April.  Find a  Hotel!

Our Mobility and Elements Class is a hit!  Sign up M & W at 4:30pm and join us!  If you have an All Access membership, you’re already covered!  Otherwise, purchase a ME punch card!  15 punches for $50! SAVE YOUR JOINTS!! Your Body Is Worth It!


Mobility & Elements (ME): No Class Today!  Sign up M and W and reach your genetic potential!

Hot Yoga:  9:30am Class today!  Sign up Saturday and Sweat it out in the Hot Box!


RX: Max Deadlifts 15min. Teams of 6 1 mile sled push /pull. 50k

Gold: 3RM Deadlift 15min. Teams of 6 1 mile sled push /pull. 50k

Silver: 3×10 Deadlift. Teams of 6 1 mile sled push /pull. 50k

Competitor:  Google doc.

10 thoughts on “April 5, 2014

  1. DL: 122k (7k PR!)
    Ran with Charlie, Belmer, Krista, and Mindy….didnt time it but it was a toughie 🙂

  2. Deadlift 155
    Sled pull 1 not sure on time
    Sled pull 2 11:07 (I made the teams even so I stepped in when I was helping with the class)
    Scaled alt dba snatches to 80lbs but did 3rds with Ben

  3. 140K DL PR by 10K
    Push/Pull Sled 11:00 +, I just was hanging on my fastest mile this year! Great team

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