April 2, 2014

Lt_Michael_MurphyIn memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y.,

  killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

“This workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it “Body Armor”. ~ via

CrossFit HQ named it “Murph” in his honor.

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Kilo Members~please read more about our hero Michael Murphy.  Then, complete this wod in honor of his heroism and the ultimate sacrifice he and others have given for our freedoms.  There is no better way but to sacrifice less than an hour today to say thank you.  Post your times on the blog.

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Mobility & Elements (ME): 4:30pm Class Today!  Sign up and reach your genetic potential!

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RX: Max Overhead Press 10min. Then, “Murph” Run 1 mile, 300 Air Squats, 200 Push Ups, 100 Pull Ups, 1 mile run.

Gold: 3RM Overhead Press 10min. Then, “Murph” Run 1 mile, 300 Air Squats, 200 Push Ups, 100 Pull Ups, 1 mile.

Silver: 3×10 Overhead Press. Then, “Murph” Run 800m, 150 Air Squats, 100 Push Ups, 50 Pull Ups, 800m.

Endurance: 100 Overhead Lunges

Men’s S&C:  Rest

Women’s S&C: Rest

Competitor:  Google doc.

58 thoughts on “April 2, 2014

  1. OHP – 45k (2k PR)
    Murph – at cap 459 reps gold (got discouraged by the 200 pull-ups only to find out I only needed 100…. Lesson for me to really read the workouts and listen to the coach!)

  2. Ohp: 50k pretty sure I got 55 last time but my arms and shoulders are fried from yesterday!
    Murph: 50:24 no vest …. vest next time for sure 😉

  3. No lift
    WOD: 326 reps Rx @time. Ran mile on treadmill, considered baby as a weighted vest..pushups between knee pushup and reg pushups. Didn’t do 300/200/100 in order, jumped around w/them.

  4. OHP: 45
    Murph: 43:11 + mile run
    7 rds. + air squats left @ time cap
    I’m an idiot and decided 300 air squats weren’t enough… did 5 extra x 20 rds. = 400 air squats. *face palm*

  5. OHP: 27k (gold 3RM)
    WOD: 395 reps @ time cap (gold, completed 1 mile run, 60 jumping pull ups, 120 knee push ups, 215 air squats)

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