April 10, 2019

April Challenge:  Personal Goals

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OLY Seminar this Thursday evening!

CrossFit Classes:

Don’t forget to dress up like your favorite superhero today for Parker!

Super Hero WOD: 4min. clock on each of the following movements. With remaining time complete max reps Wallballs(14/20) 19/10′. Each 4min clock starts immediately.

“Iron Man” WOD: 400m run.

“Superman” WOD: 50 Burpees.

“Captain America” WOD: 30 Power Snatches(30/40).

“Spiderman” WOD: 50 Pull Ups.

“Hulk” WOD: 25 HSPU.

“Black Panther” WOD: 50 Thrusters.