The Mable Movement

With over 10 years of experience in the health & fitness industry, Armand and Sarah McCormick are bringing you a program unlike any other. What started as a motivation to help close friends and family regain their independence in daily living, The Mable Movement has given them a passion to share their mission with the world.
This program is not for aesthetics or performance. Mable is for anyone that needs more movement and wants to become More ABLE in terms of mobility, stability, balance, and core strength.
By following along with the videos in your own living room, each 15-20 minute session will bring you closer to rebuilding the life skills needed for daily living. These life skills include sitting down and standing back up, picking something up off the floor, or getting in and out of a vehicle.
Complete each session at your own pace. Take a break in the middle, or rewind the video to re-watch a movement. There is no perfect way to do it. We’re looking for consistency of movement every day. Remember, you’re doing more now than you were doing before.
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